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Glisse Paradise Saint Laurent Du Var, offers the most thrilling activities between Nice and Antibes; Flyboard and our new addition, Hoverboard

Learn to fly like Iron Man, and glide through the air like Ice Man !


  • 100,00 €

    Ever wondered about what it would feel like to defy gravity? We guarantee an unforgettable experience with the Flyboard, where you will be able to fly up to 7 meters !

    100,00 €
  • 230,00 € 265,00 €

    Three activities for 2 people Have a day filled with adrenaline with our jet ski and flyboard combo, one after the other, and then 1 hour of Paddle for each.  Unique offer on the french riviera, 20 minutes of jet skiing and 2 X 20 minutes of flyboarding and 2 x 1 hour of Paddle.

    230,00 € 265,00 €
    Reduced price!