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Sofa tour

No reservation required for this activity
  • 2 Passengers
  • 3 Passengers
  • 4 Passengers

Enjoy sliding on a sofain French Riviera !

Near Nice & Antibesin France, Glisse Paradise Watersport offers nautical activities during your holidays.

For 2 to 4 people !

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Promo internet Glisse Paradise

    Progress of the activity : 

    After your visit, you are equipped with a lifejacket. Direction the wide for feelings of speed and glide at high speed.

    Guaranteed strong sensations, you cross, jump ad slip on the waves...

    Warning :

    • From 5 years
    • Speed suitable for practitioners
    • Valid 1 year and non-refundable
    • For 2 to 4 people
    • Activities Famille+

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