1. Preamble

1.1. Definitions

Seller: this term means GLISSE PARADISE, trade name POINT BREAK, SARL with capital of € 8,000, registered with the RCS of Antibes under the number 452 893 373, whose registered office is located at 176 Promenade des Flots Bleus - Atoll Plage - Lot n ° 3 - 06700 SAINT LAURENT DU VAR ​​whose business purpose is the marketing of activities for leisure activities.

Buyer: This term refers to the person who ordered or acquired an activity or voucher on the website www.glisseparadise.com

The buyer may or may not be the beneficiary of the activity / gift voucher depending on whether he uses it personally or offers it to a third party.

Activity: refers to an activity chosen on www.glisseparadise.com.

Beneficiary: means the person holding a gift card.

Gift Card: refers to the gift card contained on the page www.glisseparadise.com/en/card-cadeau-jet-ski-nice,

Beneficiary at the Glisse Paradise counter in payment of the chosen service on the site

Deadline for use: This is the validity date set at 1 year after the purchase of the activity or gift card, no exchange or refund can be made after this period.

Party (s): means the buyer and / or the beneficiary and POINT BREAK jointly or separately.

Benefit: means the benefit to the beneficiary.

Product (s): Refers to the activity or gift card.

Reservation: Refers to the reservation system

Site: designates the website of GLISSE PARADISE: www.glisseparadise.com

1.2. Object of the contract

The present General Conditions of Sale (hereinafter "CGV") are intended to define the terms and conditions under which the S.A.R.L. POINT BREAK proposes the marketing of leisure activities.

Consequently, any order from the buyer implies its unreserved acceptance and its full and complete adhesion to the present GCS which prevail over any other document, unless special conditions expressly agreed in writing by the S.A.R.L. POINT BREAK.

The buyer acknowledges having read the GTCs prior to his order.

These General Conditions of Sale come into effect as of 01 January 2017. They cancel and replace all previous versions.

S.A.R.L. POINT BREAK reserves the right to modify at any time these GCS by publishing a new version on its site www.glisseparadise.com. In case of modification of the GTS, the GTC applicable are those in force at the date of the order.

The invalidity of a clause in these Terms and Conditions does not result in the invalidity of the entire GTC. The temporary or permanent non-application of one or more clauses of the GCS by the seller does not constitute waiver on his part of the other clauses of the GCS which continue to have effect.

The photos on the website: www.glisseparadise.com are the sole property of the S.A.R.L. POINT BREAK.

2. Ordering procedures and terms

The buyer can order the services by Internet on the site www.glisseparadise.com.

2.1. On the Website: www.glisseparadise.com

Any order for an activity proposed on www.glisseparadise.com assumes the consultation and the express acceptance of the present GTC, but this acceptance is not conditioned by a handwritten signature on the part of the buyer.

The order taking on www.glisseparadise.com is subject to strict compliance with the procedure described below. It is concretized online by a succession of different screens on which are indicated the different phases that the buyer must follow to validate his order with the S.A.R.L. POINT BREAK.

2.1.1. Product selection

In order to order on www.glisseparadise.com, the buyer will have to choose one or several activities by browsing the website. Once this choice has been made, it will click on the "Add to cart" button.

Online booking will only be possible with a payment by Carte Bancaire in partnership with CREDIT AGRICOLE.

2.1.2. Shopping Cart Checkout

He will then have to check the contents of his basket (or, if necessary, to continue his selection if he wishes to add activities) «Continue shopping» or «Order».

It can also add "Coupons" to the basket to receive an exceptional discount.

Once the basket is complete and suitable, it will select "Order"

2.1.3. Identification